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10.10.2017 How do you solve the trickiest problems in the workplace? Employ more autistic people by John Harris

Autism is one form of the neurodiversity spectrums leading easily to marginalization. The sense of low-frequency sound of the Taikofon® FeelSound Player calms and helps people with different neurodiversity spectrum to focus on the task at hand and improves the performance. The following article describes how an international and open-minded IT-enterprise has recognized the neurodiversity as a resource. Read more from…/autism-working-spectrum-capab…

The mysterious and calming sound of the sound bowls

The beautiful sound of the sound bowls mitigates stress, insomnia and anxiety as well as alleviates stressful feeling in the body. As an enthusiastic team, Flexound's people also became familiar with their sound. Listen with Taikofon® how you can not only hear but also to feel the sound bowls:…/relaxing-sound-bowls-demo