Taikofon® story

Taikofon® FeelSound player is based on a internationally patented Finnish innovation, Flexound Augmented Audio™. One of the inventors and the father of Taikofon® is Jukka Linjama, who has a PhD in sound and vibration technology and has also worked for Nokia. 




Jukka wanted to create something new that would help his wife Mirja, an occupational therapist, in her work with severely disabled and autistic children. This wish gave birth to a soothing, vibrating mattress. Through many stages and a great deal of teething troubles, the FeelSound player that is now known as Taikofon® was born. 

Taikofon® is not a loudspeaker, but has inside it a vibrating Flexound Augmented Audio™ module, an instrument that creates a unique multisensory experience. Taikofon® is a fantastic Finnish innovation and the first member of the Flexound's Augmented Audio™ product family. There would be no Taikofon® were it not for the help of the child therapists, Mirja's firends, who tested it and the delighted help and feedback of their clients. 


Our main goal is not only the happiness and wellbeing of children, but for everyone from here on!