Have you ever thought how comforting sound feels?




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 The multisensory experience of the sound can relax or invigorate you, help you concentrate, delight and bring you pleasure


The soft and huggable design invites to take Taikofon® into your arms!

Flexound Augmented Audio - ABC
stands for soundscape that creates a soundbubble around the listener enabling to hear the sound even with low volumes.
Base stands for body listening to feel the base in your body.
Clarity stands for listening with your ears and feeling the sound with your skin.

The audiocontent for Taikofon® FeelSound Player comes from a host device such as smartphone, tablet, MP3 player or other kind of audio equipment with Bluetooth or AUX cable. The suitable content either to relax or to envigorate can be downloaded from internet, from for example Spotify.

Taikofon® Feelsound Player has an easy-to-remove and 30°C-machine-washable cover with four colour choises. The delivery package contains micro-USB cable with USB charger and 3.5 mm/ 1.5 m long charging cable. The battery life will last for up to 8 hours.

Feel the sound with your own Taikofon®
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